Typ Szerokość robocza Wymiary (dł-sz-wys) Waga Wymagana moc
LC150 50 cm 140 x 150 x 150 cm 400 kg > 30 KM
LC180 180 cm 140 x 180 x 200 cm 600 kg > 45 KM


To keep an artificial sportpitch in the right condition, it is important to remove leaves on time from the pitch. By doing that, you prevent the leaves from being kicked into the infill. The Leaf-Clean is the ideal machine for collecting leaves, small twigs and such. The suction box is specific designed to only collect leaves and not infill material. The suction box is of course completely adjustable, so that the Leaf-Clean can be used on different types of infill material.

The brush behind the suction box takes the leaves and twigs with. When there are enough leaves and twigs collected, the rotating brush takes some of them with and throws it into the air shaft. The air stream picks up the leaves and twigs and transports them into the container.

Collection box
The vacuum machine has a capacity of 650 or 1.050 liters. When the collection box is full, it can easily be emptied. By means of a hydraulic lifting function the operator can easily throw the leaves into a container.


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